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Raising awareness of climate changes and the need for environmental protection, Tetra will become the new landmark of sustainability, 100% self-sufficient with CO2 zero-emission. Tetra is inspired by sacred geometries, notably, the recursive Tetrahedron.

Green Home

Taking cues from the variety of geological outcroppings across the vast landscape, Green Home represents the fractal growth of the natural features. The crystalline pyramids prismatic reflection and refraction of the light touch the skyline.  Green Home establishes a new benchmark for ecological design within the natural environment.


Core is timeless, the architecture is simultaneously powerful, yet open; straightforward, yet innovative; minimal, yet elegant; fundamental, yet refined.  Core is nestled into the earth and reveals hidden caves throughout.

ONE East

Future Living Now: Inspiring Humanity, Shaping the Future, Living in Peace.  One is inspired by Iceland’s date of birth, and in homage to of the power of its nature and symbiotic relationship with the Icelanders.



Ortho celebrates the wonderful possibilities of life on this planet by reflecting the landscape & receding into it.  The architecture folds into the landscape with nominal impact and a soft synchronizing with the topography. Ortho pushes the envelope with responsible stewardship of the environment.

ONE South

Self Sustaining, Closed Loop, Future Living Community.


Sphere stays true to the ancient vernacular traditions ofearth dwellings, having a reverence for the landscape.  Sphere properties contain natural pools, gathering and meditative spaces for personal wellness.

The Helix Center

A sculptural monument that is redolent of the primary shapes of the ancients. The Helix Center emerges from its wondrous setting, seamlessly growing from the earth. 

Constructed Crescent

Sculpted crescent landscape embraces the powerful site.



ONE is a self sustaining creative community for those seeking wellness, adventure, and well being.

A place where frontier technology is embraced for an empowered lifestyle in alignment with the natural world..


Residences at Alfaland






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